Posted by: ShimaFlareX | June 26, 2011

Persona 4 – Some unused text

Inspired by the recent release wave of unseen text on Final Fantasy VII (thanks Shademp, GlitterBerri, and others involved, you guys(and girl) rock!), I decided to post some of my own (small) findings on Persona 4 (PS2).
This was found on the NTSC-U release, I haven’t checked the NTSC-J version because I don’t know Japanese.

  • Dummy Social Link

This social link is loaded on RAM at all times during gameplay, but it isn’t used anywhere…

It’s the…Gasoline Stand Worker Social Link!

Gasoline Stand Worker
Social Link explanation message.
Gasoline Stand Dummy.

I managed to hack it and load the text in the place of other social link, see pic:

gasoline worker social link

This would have been interesting…

  • Unused “Please don’t spoil the game!” message

There’s also an unused text alerting the player to not spoil the game to anyone.

Thank you for purchasing Persona 4.
Before you begin the game, we’d like to
ask you, the player, for a favor.

This game has several mystery-style
factors that involves finding the killer
behind a series of heinous murders.

Even if you yourself have any clues
about the criminal’s identity, please
keep them to yourself.

Your clues or theories may deprive
others of the fun of discovering the
story for themselves. Besides…

The truth you find…
…may not be the real truth.

That’s all for today, I may post more of this soon when I get a vacation from work/university.

For Final Fantasy VII findings, check GlitterBerri’s blog, it has tons of interesting stuff.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! You should put your findings on, an excellent wiki for unused and debug game content. If you’re not sure how to edit a page, try posting about your discoveries on the forum here:

    • Thanks for commenting! I’ll check the wiki later.

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