Posted by: ShimaFlareX | June 4, 2011

BOF4w Released!

02/04/2015 UPDATE: Having white screen issues? Try using DxWnd ( See here for more info:

After trying to play Breath Of Fire IV (PC), I found out it didn’t have a windowed mode.

But I didn’t want to play it on full-screen, so I started to look for some solution, using third-party applications.

Unfortunately, none of the applications I tried could successfully force BoF4 to play on windowed.

So I decided to code something myself.

I used the English version of the game, but it will also probably work on the Japanese one (comment if it doesn’t, and I may be able to fix it)

Download link:

This has actually been sitting on my HDD for a while, I just never released it anywhere.

I didn’t want this blog to die, so I figured this would be a good addition to it (although I didn’t plan this to be the first program I would be releasing here…).


Edit:Fixed a minor bug.
If you download and use it, please comment if it is working or not. Thanks!

Edit2:Fixed another bug, related to finding your bof4 copy.

Edit3:Fixed broken link.

Edit4:Mirror added.


  1. Dude, this works perfect. Gives me the perfect chance to play this wonderful game whilst getting on with other things, you’re a star! 😀

    • Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you liked it =]

  2. It’s working fine on my computer – thank you so much for this!

  3. It’s a Great Tool! Can i share it? Of course with your permission

  4. Man you are AWSOME! AWWWWWWWWWWWSOME!!! <<<<<<<

  5. [NOOB] ….How exactly do I use this thing?

    • I didn’t post any “how to”, because it should be self explanatory…
      Simply open my application, enable widescreen mode, save and run the game…

  6. Wow, it’s working!
    Thank you so much. Your program is very useful! 😀

  7. i have a question… where will i place the applacation and what path does bof4(game) should be?…

  8. there is this error… when pressing run.. i think you have some sort of debug on the path where bof4 folder should be installed.. hmm.. i suggest setting like a text box or something for the user to input the path? anyway.. the error says “Path cannot be null”
    and “Parameter name: path.”

    • Hm…weird…what operational system are you using?
      If you can, try loading bof4w as an administrator(right click, run as administrator).
      I’ll see what might be wrong, will post back later.

    • Please re-download it and reply if it works now.
      Anyway, I still want to know what is your operational system, and if you installed the game with its proper installer.

  9. Hmm the link doesn’t seem to work : ( I really love this game but it bugs me that I can’t play in windowed >_<

    • I’ve fixed the broken link, sorry about that.

      • Thank you so much!
        I like to multitask a lot when I play rpg’s and without window mode it is just too hard ^^ Thanks a lot man you did a great job with this : )

  10. good job mate. works perfectly. thanks

  11. Work absolutely perferct!! Thanks for the work, mate !! 🙂

  12. cannot work, the game alwys appear in fullscreen mode (using win 7 set to 98 compatibility run as admin). any hint how to make it work??

    • Does my application display any errors?
      Try running it also as an Admin.

  13. Excelent work, thanks

  14. It says “Run BOF4 on fullscreen once before using this application”

    I did that, but it keeps repeating the same message. I run the game then press ALT+TAB to run the application, am I doing something wrong?

  15. OK I get it, you have to reach the first save point in order for the mod to work. Thank you very much. =)

  16. This is kind of a late post, but could you possibly post a mirror of the link please? MediaFire is being a bit iffy and not letting me download this.

    Thanks again in advance!

    • I’ve added a mirror to the post.

  17. It really works! Thanks.

  18. when i apply the patch it starts in window mode but the game doesnt work properly. i hear the sound but the page is blank. Any ideas?

    • Hm… But the full screen mode works fine? That’s a common issue with the game on newer windows versions, but I’m not sure how my patch can affect this. I don’t really know, sorry, I don’t even have the source code for this anymore… and neither the game =/

      You can try running the game installer/game itself/patcher in some older windows version compatibility mode to see if that helps.
      Or just grab the original PS1 version and emulate it on PC. The game is also available on PSN now, so you can play it on Sony’s consoles/handhelds.

    • It seems that a recent version of DxWnd ( may have fixed the issue (see, you should try that.

  19. My screen is 1920×1080 (Win8.1). Your program just change my screen resolution and occupy whole screen and play the game as is. Not proper “windowed mode” like any emulator.
    Can you fix it? Also, can you open-source the code? So we can help identify the problem.

    • Sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately I don’t have the source anymore (and I would certainly have released the source if I were releasing this nowadays…).
      I believe all this did was changing a single byte in the configuration file (probably something with extension “.cfg”) from 0x00 to 0x01.Or the opposite. The file should be located in the folder the game is installed (or if you installed in Windows Vista or newer, it might be located in the roaming folders…).
      It was one of the first bytes of the file, you can try it by yourself. I don’t even have the game anymore =(.
      Did you try DxWnd?

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