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Protected: How to “HEX”, part 1

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Posted by: ShimaFlareX | May 13, 2012

NesterJ AoEX

Download and discuss at wololo forums:

Based on NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM, so it includes features like rewind mode, cheat codes support, rotated/mirrored screen, sepia palette, support to rare mappers (the homebrew FF7 “demake” works on it), etc. See NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM changelog(included in old_readme folder) for more info.

Changelog: See wololo link above.

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Random Note #1

For some reason I wanted to post here, so here I go. for anyone reading this, it’s almost 2AM now, and I’m half asleep, so excuse me if something doesn’t make sense, if there are any mistakes or something.

I’m currently busy with college and work, and I’m using my spare time to develop a video-game that I will use as a final project on a uni subject. Maybe if it ends up being good I’ll post more about it here. And maybe I’ll port it to Android or something. Too early to tell. I kinda wish I had time to work on my GB emulator though…

I’m watching Persona 4 and well, the animation quality is bad.
The only reason I’m watching it is because I’ve beaten the game, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who didn’t.
I’m also watching Fate/Zero and it is very good.

The Fate/Extra spinoff will be released on 01/11. if you are interested, please buy it! Thanks Aksys for bringing it to the North America! Although I don’t live there, I appreciate the English translation.

The new Legend of Zelda game gets released later this month, but I don’t think need to tell you to buy that: it will sell like hotcakes =)

And that’s it, I’m off to bed.

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Persona 4 – Some unused text

Inspired by the recent release wave of unseen text on Final Fantasy VII (thanks Shademp, GlitterBerri, and others involved, you guys(and girl) rock!), I decided to post some of my own (small) findings on Persona 4 (PS2).
This was found on the NTSC-U release, I haven’t checked the NTSC-J version because I don’t know Japanese.

  • Dummy Social Link

This social link is loaded on RAM at all times during gameplay, but it isn’t used anywhere…

It’s the…Gasoline Stand Worker Social Link!

Gasoline Stand Worker
Social Link explanation message.
Gasoline Stand Dummy.

I managed to hack it and load the text in the place of other social link, see pic:

gasoline worker social link

This would have been interesting…

  • Unused “Please don’t spoil the game!” message

There’s also an unused text alerting the player to not spoil the game to anyone.

Thank you for purchasing Persona 4.
Before you begin the game, we’d like to
ask you, the player, for a favor.

This game has several mystery-style
factors that involves finding the killer
behind a series of heinous murders.

Even if you yourself have any clues
about the criminal’s identity, please
keep them to yourself.

Your clues or theories may deprive
others of the fun of discovering the
story for themselves. Besides…

The truth you find…
…may not be the real truth.

That’s all for today, I may post more of this soon when I get a vacation from work/university.

For Final Fantasy VII findings, check GlitterBerri’s blog, it has tons of interesting stuff.

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BOF4w Released!

02/04/2015 UPDATE: Having white screen issues? Try using DxWnd ( See here for more info:

After trying to play Breath Of Fire IV (PC), I found out it didn’t have a windowed mode.

But I didn’t want to play it on full-screen, so I started to look for some solution, using third-party applications.

Unfortunately, none of the applications I tried could successfully force BoF4 to play on windowed.

So I decided to code something myself.

I used the English version of the game, but it will also probably work on the Japanese one (comment if it doesn’t, and I may be able to fix it)

Download link:

This has actually been sitting on my HDD for a while, I just never released it anywhere.

I didn’t want this blog to die, so I figured this would be a good addition to it (although I didn’t plan this to be the first program I would be releasing here…).


Edit:Fixed a minor bug.
If you download and use it, please comment if it is working or not. Thanks!

Edit2:Fixed another bug, related to finding your bof4 copy.

Edit3:Fixed broken link.

Edit4:Mirror added.

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Hello world!

I guess I wanted to do something like this for a while.